Kiran Rudrappa is a visionary, serial entrepreneur and theideamarketer.

What is the best way of impacting the current world challenged with uncertainties, complex problems, challenges like Covid 19, where definition of decent job, purposeful education, employment, hunger and health care are seriously undergoing major shifts?.

I believe it is by creating entrepreneurs with a purpose committed to bet their life on one or multiple above areas.

2 things I love—food and ideas !

I have discovered that my purpose life is to empower and enable to build new idea businesses in sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces which impacts lives of millions.

I plan to accomplish the above while remaining true to our culture and values:
We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our customer’s needs. Our work environment provides a humane and sustainable approach to earning a living in our world, for our partners, employees, and clients. We offer trusted and profitable new business growth opportunities to our customers and corporate clients at the local and global levels.

Integrity, accountability, and transparency are at the core of our company

I am passionate to work with aspiring entrepreneurs, ambitious corporate leaders , researchers to co create value much bigger than what we can envision individually.

" It's been a pleasure working with you sir. The way you approach people and maintain the relations is what I admire the most in you. As a business person having a good product is not enough placing it in front of right audience is more critical and you helped me in that aspect. It's just a beginning of our journey and you will be there as our mentor/advisor to motivate us through out our journey. Thanks for helping us in reaching the big brands for our product

Dr. Swetha Sandesh ,CEO ,Niranthara Scientific Solutions Pvt Ltd

" After speed scale matrix course our company has started selling our products to government and business customers

- Sunil Jain, Entrepreneur, Education, Bangalore"

" I realized that I am NOT ready for hardship of entrepreneurship , yet.
I see a value in pursuing my career in corporate "

- Ajil, Product manager , Leading product company