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Hi !, my name is Kiran Rudrappa , serial entrepreneur who is committed to build businesses by creating high growth ideas. In last 30 years I built many hi-tech products, solutions, and services in my startups and in corporates from ideas, innovation, concepts to robust products, monetization and exit. I have experienced both failures and success of investment, projects, teams, and ideas.

Currently I am focused on building ideas in sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces like natural plant based products (for ex: food and beverages, cosmetics ), sustainable transport, education and edge computing computer vision with AI.

Each of these spaces are most critical for human beings and I am committed to bring healthy living and comfort and convenience to every human being.

What is the intention of the TheIdeaMarkter?: as I said earlier, I have seen both failures and successes. Some ideas were too early for commercialization and few were too advanced for the market to pay for.

Few were perfect timing for success.

Entrepreneurship is a long journey and it can be exciting if you experience that you are on the right path and if you are guided well. Experimenting it alone or with an in-experience team is too costly you pay  in your lifetime.

Your time and efforts are critical and can’t be given away so easily.

Unfortunately, most of the entrepreneurs not only give up their time and efforts but accumulate losses and bring financial debt created by engaging in it and burdening their family, themselves, and taking extreme decisions – quitting the business, or quitting the life.

I experienced it for myself and it is incredibly stressful, painful, and unbearable.

And then, why do we see so many people getting into entrepreneurship?

It is because of new challenges what we face in today’s modern world and revolution in technologies in last few decades opening up new opportunities for everybody to equally participate.

And more importantly, the success and results are made by creativity, intelligence, the imagination of an individual .

And everybody has the unique quality and so level playing ground for all :).

Let me also tell you , no time is as best as today to be an entrepreneur !! .

  • we see many successful entrepreneurs in the world – wealth they created and impact they made
  • what makes them different from others?
  • why there are only a few such successful people whereas other 96-98 % fail ?.

Interesting ,right !. Yes, incredible.

In my experience , both these people – those who made their entrepreneur journey successful or failed– both – had different approaches to only 2 things !. only 2 ingredients which made their destiny.

Any guess ?!.

2 things which made the difference is,

  1. Idea
  2. Mindset.

The intention of theideamarkter is to enable and empower you to identify the ideas which connects with your purpose of life and you are genuinely concerned about those people, their challenges and you  trust yourself to put your time, efforts and money on it and make sure you build a solid foundation on which you can build your future.

Imagine , you are building your dream home on a weak foundation and every moment you are caring and maintaining it for survival.  Crazy !. Right ?!.

How crazy it is if you mess it up on finding your idea and get into wrong one and stuck with the business for many years of strenuous and painful years ,years of your high productive life time ?

So, once again, what is the intention of theideamarketer ?

OK !. The intention of theideamarketer is to empower and enable you to find an problem or challenge which you can commit for the rest of your life and getting a systematic approach to solve it!.

I call it as “An entrepreneur with purpose “.

Yes !. rest of your life !!.

How that would be ??.



Why Purpose?

Do you know what happens when you are pursuing your career in one direction and your concerns, interests, purpose are in another direction ?

It creates conflicts internally. It leads to a lot of emotions, frustrations, upset, and experience of comprising about you, your work.

You may put all that emotions on your family too. How do I know that ?. Because I did that.

I have been successful in my corporate career-building  many hi-tech products from idea to innovation to business development to monetization. Lead an acquisition of an company to MNC.

However, always there was conflict about myself and what I wanted to do. I wanted to be an entrepreneur but had a fear of failure. so to compensate that invested my money in other startups and spend weekend time with them. Most of them failed.

So, I decided to play the game fully myself and founded a startup with a new idea. Built the team, got the first customer before we build the product, and scaled it up to a multi-million dollar valuation company with foreign direct investment. All within 7 months. This success lead me to think about how I can systematize it for others.

I was no more interested in building a company for 4 years and limiting my energy and experience. I wanted to build multiple ideas at the same time, in parallel.

So, I am working with many entrepreneurs – identifying high-value business ideas and building new businesses. As a theideamarketer, bring various dimensions to value creation and ensure the idea is realized to its maximum potential. All is done without entrepreneurs  raising funds or investing any money upfront.   Focus is to create, create value.

I am enjoying what I am doing now and absolutely aligned with my purpose and passion in my life. No more conflicts !. What I am now is joyful, energetic, and  being unstoppable in my mission. Very satisfying life.

TheIdeaMarketer is a channel through which I shall be educating and sharing with you all ,the exact method I am using to build my startups from scratch – which I call it as Speed Scaling Matrix.

The  powerful thing about the Speed Scaling Matrix is… it is simple. practical. and quick.

So anyone with a commitment can launch a startup and create wealth in less than 9 months.

So, if you are somebody who wants to build future through entrepreneurship for yourself ,your family while solving a challenge which can impact thousands, and if you are, 

  • concerned about ” what next ” in career OR
  • frustrated with your routine job OR
  • passionate individual to build high-value idea startup OR
  • Corporate leader with idea or no-idea 

then TheIdeaMarketer is unquestionably for you!.

You may download workbook on “How to identify your idea of interest” that immensely helps you to identify your inner core interest.

One you have identified your interest and challenge you want to solve than it can be solved by creative idea and offering service or product building a profitable business creating immense wealth for you and your family.

It is just priceless !.